Google Express Review: Shop With Ease from Home

When it comes to shopping for household goods, sometimes it’s just more convenient to order online. Using services like Google Express, you can shop around the clock and schedule your home delivery for what time best suits your schedule. Google Express gives you access to a number of stores.

The amazing selection ranges from Target and Costco to Staples. You can even shop at stores like Pier 1 and Toys R Us. Taking care of your household needs, you can purchase anything from a 24-pack of water to toilet paper and canned goods. If you forgot someone’s birthday, you can also look to speciality stores like Adorama or L’Occitane.

How Google Express Works

Conveniently all in one place, you can shop any available store on All you need to do is add the items to your cart, choose a delivery day, enter payment, and the rest is history. You’ll receive your order via a Google Express courier.

Google Express Membership

While a Google Express membership is not mandatory to use the service, it does come with benefits. If you have a monthly or yearly Google Express membership, you receive fast and free delivery on eligible orders. If you’re just trying it out and don’t want a membership, each delivery starts at $4.99 per store. You can find out more information about service costs on

Google Express Review

Personally using Google Express, it’s convenient to order on your own schedule and have things delivered. Products arrive packed neatly and on-time. However, Google Express is not my go-to if you need something immediately. Because of finding an available time slot, Google Express is not suited for immediacy.

When ordering from Google Express, also consider what you’re ordering. Fresh items like produce and meat are not available. However, a positive for ordering your other goods from Google Express is their brilliant use of substitutions. At the time you place your order, you can select alternative items just in case the store is out of something you want.

Google Express Coupon

Enjoy $10 off your first order with Google Express by using the promo code G2VCUU4SZ.