Google Express Review: Shop With Ease from Home

When it comes to shopping for household goods, sometimes it’s just more convenient to order online. Using services like Google Express, you can shop around the clock and schedule your home delivery for what time best suits your schedule. Google Express gives you access to a number of stores.

The amazing selection ranges from Target and Costco to Staples. You can even shop at stores like Pier 1 and Toys R Us. Taking care of your household needs, you can purchase anything from a 24-pack of water to toilet paper and canned goods. If you forgot someone’s birthday, you can also look to speciality stores like Adorama or L’Occitane.

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Where to Order Bottled Water in New York City

One difficult thing about living in New York City is that there are always places to go, and things to do. When it comes to the basics, like getting bottled water, it can be quite the hassle. The Big Apple isn’t necessarily known for its sparkling tap water, and if you live here, you may find yourself looking for filtered or bottled options. Lugging bottles from the store can be quite the hassle. But when you are in a hurry, here are five places to order bottled water from in the city. From Amazon Prime Now to Google Express, discover the five places were you can shop for your favorite water brand.

Opening Photo Credit: Pixabay

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Amazon Prime: Why You Should Sign Up


Why Use Amazon Prime?

Personally, I started using Amazon Prime as a college student. Regularly needing to order books, Amazon typically offered the best prices and who doesn’t love free expedited shipping? Shipping costs can add up! I’d much rather pay an upfront fee and enjoy the benefits of unlimited deliveries. Now, Amazon is also great for access to free music, television shows, and movies. In New York, Amazon also has a great same-day delivery service that includes local stores at no extra cost.

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