Max Delivery Review


Max Delivery is one of the many grocery delivery services in New York City. It stands out from its competitors by offering 1-hour delivery. Max Delivery offers a variety of fresh meat and produce, baked bread, drugstore items, office supplies, DVDs and more.

General Pricing

Typically, items carried by Max Delivery will run you more than if you were to buy them from a comparable competitor. For example, a 12 oz box of Cheerios cereal costs $5.79 at Max Delivery and $3.49 at Stop & Shop. While the price is more, Max Delivery is all about convenience. While you have to go to the grocery store or order a day or more in advance for delivery from a competitor, you can shop at Max Delivery with an hour in between ordering and your delivery.


When you order from Max Delivery, you can choose to have your order delivered in plastic, paper or a recyclable bag. Items are delivered via bicycle delivery staff. It’s optional to tip, but in cities like New York, a little tip goes a long way of course.

Delivery Fees

Max Delivery boasts that 99% of its orders are delivered on time. From my personal experience, this is true. Delivery is free for orders over $100 and $5.95 for smaller orders.

Delivery Issues

After years of ordering from Max Delivery, I can say that issues with orders are rare, but of there is a problem, they take care of it quickly. Max Delivery offers a chat service when you can amend your order before it goes out for delivery or report issues to be resolved. In the past, if I have an item missing or damaged in transit, they’ll gladly send it out in a complimentary delivery ASAP or issue a refund.

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